Wednesday, April 1, 2009

complete binding ending instructions

I decided that my website would be a better spot for these directions so that they'd be in the correct order!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Joining Binding Ends 2

Lay your quilt out with the bulk of the quilt away from you and with the 12" area flat in front of you. Smooth the binding flat. Butt the ends of the binding together and make a small snip through all the binding layers as shown in the second picture. The snip must be smaller than the seam allowance so use good scissors!

Joining Binding Ends 1

I was working on a silk jacket today and decided to photograph how I finish the ends of double fold bindings. It's a process that's hard to describe in words and one needs to do it a few times to make it really one's own so here are pictures of how I do it .

Start in the middle of one of the sides of your quilt. Leave at least a 6" tail of your binding unsewn and then sew your binding on your quilt, mitering the corners as you usually do. Stop at least 12" before the spot where you started sewing. You need this much space to maneuver when you use this technique.